As the last of the Millennials graduate, it’s time for the next generation to take their place.
Enter Gen Z. This cohort has had access to the internet practically since they were born but they also had to grow up during the Great Recession. These experiences have greatly affected how they think about the future.
If you want to attract this group of students to your property, you need to adapt to what matters to them.

Smart Furniture: Made for the Digital Native

While Millennials are known for their tech-savviness, their successors take this even further. Generation Z students are digital natives. Because they’ve been exposed the latest tech since early childhood, they expect it to be integrated into their living spaces.

An article from recommends adding USB ports and charging stations to common areas. You wouldn’t want is residents crawling under tables looking for a place to plug in a charger, would you? A mess of cords lying around isn’t ideal either. Furniture with built-in outlets can help while keeping things organized.

Space Saving Pieces That Don’t Sacrifice Style

One of the key takeaways from a report from Property Shark states that “Gen Z is willing to compromise on almost anything to keep costs down – but dreams of lots of space and amenities”.

While spacious student accommodations may not always be possible, there are certainly ways to make a room feel bigger. Take lofted beds for example. They create more usable space that makes the most of a small footprint.

Multipurpose Furniture That Delivers Maximum Value

A housing survey from the same Property Shark report ranked storage as the 6th most important deciding factor for Gen Z while space is at 2nd. One way to address both is to use multipurpose furniture such as beds and couches with hidden storage underneath.

Keep clutter at bay while maximizing the space your residents have in their rooms. Just because this generation is willing to compromise for cost doesn’t mean they have to.

Accent Furniture: For A Personal Touch

According to Coresight Research, Gen Z is “more fixated on personal appearance and personal image (or even personal “brand”) than any previous generation.” This concern over how they’re perceived can extend to their living spaces as well.

While crafting the perfect design, don’t forget to leave room for a bit of personalization. Consider pieces that can transform an area’s style depending on how the resident wants to use it. It’s inevitable that they’ll share part of their lives online. Help them show off their individuality.

Whether it’s technology, space or style, Generation Z is always looking for a good deal. Let Dickson Furniture help you design the living spaces that these new students will be excited for. After all, college life is as much about memorable experiences as it is about preparing for the future.


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