When it comes to housing, students are looking beyond the necessities. They’re looking for places that reflect certain lifestyles where they can make the most of college life – with furniture choices playing the biggest part. The right design will set the stage for a great learning environment and help students feel part of a community.

Are You Ready for Rowdy Residents?

At the start of each school year, new students come in to fill the halls. Each one will treat their new home for the next few years differently. Some students will take care of their rooms and everything in it like it was their own but you can’t help but get a few that’ll get rough with their stuff.

Any piece of furniture must be durable, especially in student housing where you have all kinds of tenants coming and going. Whether it’s a bed, couch, desk or whatever else, it doesn’t just have to be tough, it should also be easy to maintain and repair. If it’s constantly breaking, repair or replacement costs can add up, not to mention the complaints from your residents.

Design and Comfort Come Hand In Hand

There was a time where having the basics like a simple bed and desk was enough. But today’s students want more from their living accommodations. After all, they expect to call it “home” for the next few years. Why not make it feel like home?

Furniture designs can dictate the atmosphere of an area. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of style to make a student housing facility more attractive. After a long day in class, a student will definitely look forward to relaxing in their new homes – especially if it has that cozy feel to it.
Student Lounges: More than Just a Place to Hang Out
Common areas have been growing in popularity – and not just for socializing but for getting work done, too. Having a convenient place to get together for a study group or project is something that’s becoming more and more important.

Make it easy for residents to do what they need to do. Since laptops, tablets, and smartphones allow students to get work done anywhere, the demand for these informal learning spaces will only increase. By equipping student lounge areas with versatile furniture that encourages work and play, you can help them excel at both.

Can Your Furniture Keep Up?

Student lifestyles, preferences, and trends are always changing. With the help of Dickson Furniture Manufacturers, you won’t get left behind.
Whether it’s from our existing designs or a completely custom solution, we always build the best. Made to Order. Made to Last. Made in the USA.

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